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The Many Types of Lockers and Shelving You Can Utilize in Your Locker Room

Whether you need lockers or storage for business, Payless Equipment has a wide assortment of high quality and durable lockers and shelves for you to choose from. From multiple-use lockers to industrial bulk Rack lockers, you are sure to find exactly what you need. Lockers come in a variety of sizes to accommodate your needs, including standard lockers and storage bins. You are sure to get more space in the area you need with these lockers. They are also great for storing equipment, supplies, and holiday items. Learn more here.

For maximum use of your floor space, Investead storage solutions make it easy to store all your office and school supplies with the various storage benches. Storage benches are made of heavy duty steel and feature a sturdy, powder-coated finish so they are easy to maintain and serve you well. Available in a wide array of sizes and dimensions to accommodate your storage needs, the steel storage benches are available in corner and full height configurations to fit your floor space needs.

If your locker rooms need a little more sophistication, there are lockers and shelving units that elevate to a locking platform for quick and easy access. Available in single tier, double tier, and triple tier designs, the single tier locker benches offer convenient storage for just one item or a collection of items. The double tier locker benches offer three extra levels of storage for even more items. And the triple tier lockers offer a convenient place to store multiple items. These high quality locker benches are also available in wood, metal, and composite ladders to meet your storage needs.

Built-in bookcases add sophistication to the single tier style. Available in single and double shelf models, the built-in bookcases give your locker room clean lines and elegant design. Similarly, there are locker organizers that come in kits to assemble and are easy to install. These organizers come equipped with drawers, shelves, and fixed hardware to meet your storage needs.

Larger locker rooms can be fitted with a higher, two-tier storage system using lockers and shelving for maximum storage capacity. These storage systems are manufactured using heavy duty wire and feature fine, powder-coated steel construction to withstand the harshest of locker rooms. Perfect for professional settings and offices, the two-tier steel system can also be configured to accommodate a tufted system for added durability and protection.

For additional storage space, racking or scaffolding are available to help you maximize the space in your locker area. Racking is designed to mount to the wall and includes optional locking devices to keep your personal belongings safe and secure. Scaffolding is convenient for temporary storage needs and is available in a variety of sizes to meet your individual needs. Check National Lockers and Shelving.

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